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Trouble getting started with your products' packaging

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Why choose Reeso

why choose reeso

Expertise in
Packaging Materials

We share the right knowledge regarding raw materials and their applications, enabling you to choose packaging that best suits your needs

Need help in choosing the right packaging?
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Packaging Designs

We develop packaging that showcases your brand’s story. Your customers will be able to connect with your brand before they can see or use your product. 

Want packaging that is unique to you?

Environmentally Responsible Solutions

You don’t have to choose between sustainability & great packaging. We design & supply best-in-class, affordable & functional packaging that is sustainable.

Worried about your packaging’s footprint?
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Vast Packaging

Manufacturing Network

Our extensive network of manufacturers is built to support multiple products and cover different geographies. We will ensure a reliable supply of packaging for your company’s growth needs.

Want to source multiple packaging products?
High Performance Packaging Materials
Standout Packaging
Lowest carbon footprint
Manufacture Network
reeso's difference

the reeso guarantee

The right prices 

We will ensure that you get your packaging at the best prices. You do not need to spend hours hunting for the right quotes before every order.

Evaluate multiple options 

We ensure rapid development of prototypes to help you choose the right design. We believe experimentation leads to great design, and we will support you with as many iterations as you want. 

Lower MOQs 

Work with us for low-MOQ customized packaging solutions. Your scale of business shouldn't deter you from using customized packaging.

Simplified packaging procurement

We will act as your own packaging department. Whether it is developing new packaging for your growing business or managing packaging vendors, we will simplify packaging for you.

sustainabiliy principles

our sustainability principles

Using responsible packaging material

Using responsible material, such as recycled plastic or paper, reduces demand for virgin materials and fosters circularity. We believe producing quality products with recycled/renewable materials will lead to strengthening of the Indian recycling ecosystem.

Packaging with better end-of-life disposal

Innovations in design can improve recyclability of products that would otherwise end up in the landfill. We use base materials, laminations, coatings and inks that would not disrupt the recycling process. 

 Optimizing  product-packaging ratio

Our guiding principle is to use only what is necessary. To this end, we minimize the number of components in the package, trim the redundancies, and ensure a low package-to-product ratio so that you don’t end up shipping air. This will also help cut down costs on wasteful packaging. 

You can choose what is right for you

There’s no one size fits all solution for reducing your packaging’s impact on the environment. You can choose what’s important to you. You could go plastic free or you could use recycled plastic which reduces reliance on virgin materials. You could use plant based plastics that decompose in 180 days or reusable packaging that won’t be discarded after the first use. We help you decide what suits your products and your brand.

industries we serve

Fashion and Lifestyle

Beauty and Personal Care

Electronics and Accessories

Industries We Serve
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